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Re: Horrible Barclays experience

athar wrote:

I submitted a payment to AMEX a minute ago - and, my credit line reflects 100% instantly.


Now, that is called Service, Class and customer experience.

Ames is pretty amazing about payments, especially when you are talking about a charge card, When I use to have my business Gold I had several times were I was maybe at 5-7k and they would put a stop on the account, I would call and they would say that we need a payment to allow further charging, I would authorize a payment out of 1 of the checking accounts on file for either that day, or I have done like monday or tue and this was currrently thursday or friday and the account would open back up instantly... If you think about it, they wanted me to pay because they didn't want me to charge over 7k but then upon "scheduling" a payment for 3-5 days from current they then opened account back up for spending which would give me access to at least the same 7k that I just had charged too... If the check didn't clear I could now be at $14k!


Now as far is many posting they can't use their banks bill pay anymore because it takes to long... VERY few banks don't take a Wire transfer of the payment and it is just 1-3 days depending on bank, checks about 5-7 days... so while I think they are not fast or reliable is silly talk, If you are a person who has to wait until 24-48 hours before the payment to be able to have funds available then I would be doing the payment direct on your billers website, they may hold payments and CL's dealing with the balance being paid but it will post usually within 12 hours that you did make it and then appear a day or two later.

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