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Re: Horrible Barclays experience
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valley_man0505 wrote:

 Well, I had an $11 payment due on Friday.  I submitted the payment online on Thursday.  


Their response:  "oh, I guess you're right.  I apologize, but I still can't reactivate your card because we still have not received your $11 payment that was due yesterday".

Wow. An $11 min? On a $600 balance? Which Barclay?


We have dif Barclay cards, but for both my hubby and I there is a $20 min on all bals over $20?


If this happened, I'd be fighting that late charge were I you. That's very odd, the CSR saying on Sat they hadn't yet even rec'd your payment as you stated both their and your screen showed pending, and most esp if you printed out the payment receipt the computer gave you to prove you paid a day early. 


My terms say, "Payments that comply with the requirements specified on or with your monthly billing statement, including the time of receipt, will be credited on the business day they are received."  


Of course they also say it can take another 5 days if you don't comply, and it can take up to 7 days to post (meaning it will show pending) and/or to see your credit line increased as they may hold it until they're ensured funds. But your payment is credited.