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Re: Discover More or Barclays Apple??

BallaOnnaBudget wrote:

I am a regular forum reader and have posted once or twice.  I'd like some advice on whether or not to pull the trigger on a new card.



1 cap one sec -$200 AoA - 11 months, no missed payments

1 auto loan AoA - 1 year 2 months, no missed payments

No baddies at all

Salary 48k


Scores TU-712, EX - 703 


Applied for a chase freedom in Nov. with similar scores and was denied for "not enough revolving accts" and "age of accts"

I would like another charge card so i can garden till next year.  What do you think my chances are for a Discover More or Barclays Apple??


Thanks in advance

Before I make any suggestions let me make sure I understand what you are wanting...are you wanting a rewards card or are you wanting to build more credit?

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