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Re: American Express Gold Card is Crap!!!
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Jonbuck06 wrote:
I said I work full time and own my own business so I work full time somewhere else that's how I have paycheck stubs.

OK. Cool.  So Amex did their F/R and OK'd that you could spend 75K  per month on their cards?  I'm  curious because I can spend 50K a month (and do periodically) but my company grosses around $4,000,000 a year with roughly a 10%-15% margin.   I'd like to know because we've been thinking about switching to a Visa/Mastercard for business, but so far, no one yet wants to float us they same kind of credit line as Amex will give us.  What kind of margins does your company do (if you don't mind me asking),  and how much does your income from your W-2 job contribute to your ability to borrow?    

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