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Re: What's your highest Credit Card limit?

Back in 2000 American Express listed on all Revolving Credit Cards $100k max... I would be surprised if they are not higher now... but as stated $25k seems to be the max for many people unless done by Amex... My father was at $25k on Platinum Optima and was declined CLI to $35k, but was able turn around and apply and instantly be approved for $10k or $15k (for get exact amount) on another Revolver... Over the years since 2000 he eventually had 6 total revolving cards with Amex totally $68k and 1 personal charge and 1 business charge (10k max ever charged on personal and $17k on business) of course then the credit crunch... lines drastically CLD.


Bank of America is $250k

Discover used to be $50k, I think they are $100k now as someone posted but they also seem to be saying these days that they won't go over $15k without something, not sure what.


Nordstrom is $50k but if you want to go above $15k you will most likely need to provide stuff.


Citi is $250k i think


Capital one is $25 or $30k I believe


Neiman Marcus when they use to underwrite themselves they had no limit for "Some Customers" I mean they do sell a Private Plane and people have purchased them on Neiman Marcus card before... now it's with HSBC not sure if they can go million but I would assume Neiman Marcus would not want to loose those customers by selling the credit devision to HSBC.


I have heard as high as $28k on Macy's Store but not sure what max limit is, hard to spend 10k in Macy's unless buying furniture or vacation packages I think!

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