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Re: Woohoo! Got Costco Amex, too! :)

getahead wrote:

Congrats!!  I never did see a booth here in Hawaii to promote the Amex card

Well it's really a Costco table/booth with promo gifts -- usually coffee cups or tote bags and candy. Costco employees are there with Amex apps. If you app, whether approved or not, you get the free gift. Some people app just for that-- who obviously know nothing about credit and inq! The Costco employees enter the apps in their computer and get an immediate answer from Amex. The real benefit is that you don't have to wait for amex to confirm your costco mship before knowing you're approved or not. Others here have said that takes a few days. I'd be surprised I'd all costcos didn't do it once or twice a year.
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