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CLI..... when should I ask ???

By the way just to let everyone I also posted my recent FR from Amex which i still have yet to hear back from......... 




Length of credit history - 1 year 7 months

AAOA: 8 months 

I am 22


2010 - 


Had a BOA secured card - $10,000 limit ( fell to $3,000 after graduating in 11/2011) 

Capital one - $500 ( now $750) 

Care Credit - $1000

Lord & Taylor - $1200 ( now $3,000) 

Macys & Bloomingdales 


2011 - ( In Nov 2011 added 11 new accounts)  Now have: 


BOA Plantinum Plus - 3000 ( the card that unsecured from a $10,000 limit) 

BOA CASH rewards - 2000

BOA Accelerated Amex- 2000

Discover- 1000

Amex SPG 

Penfed Promise - 9000

PNC Bank - 1500

Chase Slate - 3000

Wells Fargo Plat - 1500

Affinity CU - 1000

Barclays - 1300

walmart - 700


I have been PIF since NOV 2011, and have used up the entire limit on most cards. In otherwords with my BOA cards in specific I have charged $2990 on the PLat and the the other two $1990 every month so far, but pay off the bill before the statement cuts. I want to hit the lov button so bad but dont think I will get approved. 


Current score - 663 ( have about $8,000 in debt reporting Penfed - 5000 & Amex SPG ( 3,000), but will Pay off when the bill will come. I am waiting for the two new BOA cards to hit six months first and then request CLI, but wanted to know do you think it would be wise to request a CLI for the graduated card. I have the longest history with this card and had a $10,000 when it was secured. As of right now all my BOA cards together only have a 7,000 limit which is nothing. My brother and I use the cards for our business and charged almost $75K since NOV 2011 and paid off in full the entire amount..  

Any suggestions ??