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Re: CLI..... when should I ask ???

Thanks for the advice.... I really dont care about CLI for any of my cards except Bank of America cards.... My brother and I have a good relationship with them, and I used to have a secured card with them on just one card for 10K, then they unsecured it for only 3K.  But then the following week gave me 2 cards with 2k limit on each... So the unsecured one have had for 1 year 7 months ( the 3K one) and the other 2 for only 3 months now... Have ran about 20K on all 3 cards together in the past 3 months and PIF on due date or before statement cuts...I read that BOA does a soft pull so thought it would be ok to go for it... When I got approved for the 2 new cards they told me that the limits are low, but after some history I should call back and try for a CLI... at least that what the rep told me. 


Also will only ask for a CLI once my score is back into the 700's....