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Re: CLI..... when should I ask ???

Whew...I would heed the advice already given in the responses...lay low, let them age, and hope you keep all of the accounts that were recently opened. I'm surprised Barclay's hasn't barked loudly already. The CLIs will come once some time has passed.

Citi Simplicity - $7400, 0% APR until April 2013, 13.99 afterwards
Chase Freedom - $5000, 11.99% APR
Barclays Priceline - $8500, 16.24% APR (This needs fixed!)
Discover More - $7500, 0% APR until March 2014
HSBC 'Platinum' - $1600, 19.99% APR (Only around for the age)
AmEx Zync - NPSL, He doesn't get much action these days