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Re: GE Accounts upgrades

corymcd88 wrote:

Creditaddict wrote:

Walmart, Sams, Banana, Old Navy, Gap, Dillards... hmm feel I must be forgetting a ton.,... Chevron, TJMax....

GE told me that only walmart can upgrade. Dillards has a AMEX, I have dillards store card and theey told me to upgrade I would have to reapply. Only Walmart say thay can upgrade it.

I think GE's customer service reps are not always correct with the info they impart!


My Old Navy store card upgraded last year to Visa and my Walmart card  was just upgraded to Discover last month.


An example of GE's CSRs being misinformed and passing along this misinformation to customers:  when I called GE to inquire about reporting of Old navy Visa,  I was told that upgrade to Visa would not result in account reporting as new--was actually told this more than once.  Of course, it reported as new and remained so even after disputing. Finally got to a supervisor who advised that I was not given correct info (duh!!) and the Visa would 'correctly' be reported as new acct.


When I got the Discover upgrade offer, decided to call customer service ( just for giggles ) to see what the advices would be regarding reporting of the upgraded card.  Sure enough, was advised it would retain same open date as store card and would not report as new.  Needless to say, the store card reported as closed/transferred and the Discover reported as new.


Unless GE has stopped upgrading all other cards very, very recently, I'd say you might have been 'misadvised' by the csr.





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