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Re: Best Buy Store Card
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Creditaddict wrote:

High 500's, Low 600's is not going to get you the Best Buy Store Card which has $0 AF.

You are most likely going to get Countered for either Gold or Platinum Best Buy Rewards Zone MasterCard with Annula fee $39-$59 as you saw on website.

I definitely don't expect to get it with my current listed scores.  They are a little bit outdated though.  Do you know if Best Buy does in fact pull Equifax?  My Equifax report is nice and clean and will surely be my best credit score.  I am waiting for a payment to my credit card to post which will bring my utilization down to 0% on one card and 2% on the other.  At that point, I will be buying an updated FICO, but I would expect it to be at least 650.


Experian will have no baddies by the end of March, but I would rather not wait that long.  TransUnion still has 4 baddies until May when it drops to 2 that are there for a couple years.  Still working on those last 2 PFDs.


I guess I'll see.  Any idea what kind of minimum score would be good enough?

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