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Re: GE Accounts upgrades

bdp02 wrote:

GE has not stopped upgrading other cards, I currently have an outstanding offer to upgrade my Gap store card.


Note I am resisting the urge due to the impact said upgrade would have on my AAoA Smiley Very Happy (pat's self on back)

Confirms what I suspected....OP was given some not quite accurate  advice from customer service.  Smiley Sad


And congrats on your most admirable self control regarding the offer to upgrade.  Smiley Happy


Fortunately for me, the upgrade did not affect AAoA negatively (I'm still 5+), and I wanted to take the chance since my Old Navy Visa CL is much, much higher than store card (ws $1200...increased to $3000 at upgrade and is now $7200...all auto increases!) and reports as credit card rather than store card.


I'm hoping my Walmart Discover may prove 'fruitful' as well in the CL least I think the potential is greater than with store card.  Had $2100 on store card and updgraded Discover is $2950.  Not as big of any increase as with the ON Visa, but hopeful I'll be seeing CLIs



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