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Re: "Make Your Move" American Express Prepaid

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Revelate wrote:

That just doesn't fit with where I am now: I have around 1K of extra expenses that I really should get sometime this year, but I'm just not a big spender compared to most people, and I know that doesn't help with my Amex chances... so I'm just leading with my strong suit, namely that I rack up a bunch of little transactions all the time.  Unfortunately in any relationship one can only play the cards one has... though on that front, if I actually went looking for non-financial relationships, I'd probably increase my spending enough to make me look more attractive to Amex too.  Extra bonus? Smiley Wink


I'd be interested in seeing that quote too if you can find it, I don't have time to look right now unfortunately, maybe later today.


I don't have any evidence of this, but I suspect "where" you buy things to have some relevance in their datamining almost as much as the amount you spend.  


For example, a good strategy would be to frequent establishments often associated with their higher spenders.  Instead of buying a sandwich at Subways, instead buy it from Nieman Marcus's sandwich shop.  Instead of coffee from Denny's, have it at Nordstroms.  It seems to me they like to correlate certain sets of behavior with others often associated in the same geographic location, and places where you frequent.


I say for sure if the above is true, but I suspect every issuer has these models.  AmEx I'd wager places more emphasis on using them than others.

They may like this, but i'm not spending more money for something I can get cheaper somewhere else on a prepaid card!

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