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Re: "Make Your Move" American Express Prepaid

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excellent post!


Never heard of someone getting in with AMEX with a BK here yet, although it may have happened.

There are actually a few people on this site that claim to have gotten an AMEX with a BK reporting. From what I remember, the BK was at least 7 years old before they were approved.

I'm one of them. It was a Chapter 7 back in 2002, so it was still on my record last February when I applied for an AMEX Clear. I was approved. As an added twist, AMEX was included in my bankruptcy to the tune of around $4500. I currently hold a Clear with $5000 CL, Blue Cash Preferred at $4500 CL, and a NPSL Zync.

Congrats!!! Maybe AMEX forgets after a decade!!! (Or you slipped through thr cracks Smiley Very Happy)

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