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Re: zync with express pay

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Benefits of expressPay:

1. Higher signature thresholds at many retailers. I have found that often I have to sign for a transaction over a certain amount, say, $25, while at the same merchant an expressPay transaction doesn't require a signature until a higher amount.

2. Retailers that are known for demanding an ID for a credit card transaction (in my experience) don't do so for expressPay transactions. Case in point: Best Buy.

3. It is a few seconds faster.

4. The cool factor.



1. expressPay transactions don't show as much detail on the AMEX statements.  For example, all I see are a bunch of  "expressPay on Blue" transactions, without much in the way of information as to where the transaction happened, which can be a little problematic for me since I will can a hundred or more in any given month-- 7-Eleven, CVS, McDoanld's, Burger King, etc.

2. expressPay transactions don't count for AMEX promotions like "Like, Link, Love" or Shop Small.

3. I'll mention the potential security concern, but honestly, it doesn't bother me. It's a credit card so I'm protected regardless. If it were a debit card, it would be another story.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but... I believe Amex doesn't require their members to sign for any transaction... Smiley Indifferent

Never heard that.  Are you confusing requirements for signature with having to show ID?

i work in a retail store and amex requires a zip code no matter how much and it will not go thru if you dont provide it.... anything over $24.99 needs to be signed for anything under doesnt reqiure a signiture

Where is this?  I have rarely been asked for my zipcode and never been required to give it.  The only place I can think of where I have provided a zipcode for a purchase is at a gas pump. 

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