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Re: suggestion in applying for 2nd CC ?
I think it would really benefit you to get at least one of your fico scores (and I'm not saying this because we are on this site!! Smiley Happy ). Your 7k BofA would be the highest I've ever seen with someone w/1 mo credit hx, even with a high income. I suspect you have fairly high scores from being an AU on DW's CCs and have a hx a lot longer than 1 month. If so, I would apply for a Chase Freedom card, possibly Discover + Citi, maybe a good CU. Your credit limit relates to your income, and I believe that higher CLs on your credit report lead to higher CLs on new cards.

Asides: Be careful of "hard inquiries" if you two are going to apply for a mortgage anytime soon; also, I would really stress the importance of learning about this whole system. It really is important to many areas of your financial life beyond credit: incl insurance, employment, etc, and will only become more utilized. Also, read up on how "FICO08" will alter the AU picture. Best of luck on your fico journey!!!
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