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Re: suggestion in applying for 2nd CC ?
Hi HI-ALL, Before I/others answer the "specific CC for newbies" question, I'm really curious about your fico score from SW; please let us know when you get it. Also, if you don't know the following, you can check your credit reports (not scores for free) for free from annualcreditreport dot com. You can check all 3 once per year. Roughly what are your DW's fico scores and how long ago did she open those CCs to which you are AU? If they were awhile ago, you may find on your credit report that you have acct(s) with considerable age on them (I'm hoping this for your, that'd be great), look for "date opened". In this case, I'd go for the absolute best cards you can get, it will benefit you/your scores/reports.

Incidentally, looking ahead: note your SW score is a true Fico score, not a "fako" score. For important matters, you want to rely on true Fico scores [I'm *really* not paid by fico, altho' Barry, if you want to work something out.... :smileyhappy: :smileytongue: ] Hi-all, please let us know your score and age of accts. I'm crossing my fingers for ya!
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