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Re: suggestion in applying for 2nd CC ?
Oh, apologies Hi-All, I just saw your post about your wife's scores. I really have no idea what your scores will be, but check them and do look over your credit reports carefully to see if there are any baddies/inaccuracies which you can correct. If your DW has baddies, I don't know if these will be reflected in your score as AU. If your score ends up being around 650-660, do bump your other thread, you'll get a lot more great advice.

You may also want to consider a local credit union where you can go in and explain your particular situation. I have a good friend from Germany who had probs getting credit b/c of his thin file/low scores (he is a phd, great credit in Germany, real good income here, but no luck with the big banks). He went to a local CU and they were great to his particular situation which didn't fit the usual formulas. Good luck!!
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