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Re: suggestion in applying for 2nd CC ?
On AU accounts: if you are the authorized user, you will receive the history, good and bad, only on the accounts that you share. If those are clean, and there are problems elsewhere in the primary cardholder's history, you are not affected. So for example:

Card A: clean, 10 years history
Card B: clean, 2 years history
Card C: 2 30-day, 1 60-day late, 12 years history

Card A would be wonderful for AU --long history, no derogs. Card B would be useful for those in Hi-All's position: clean with short history, but longer than his. Card C would be dreadful, long history or not. Going on Cards A or B as AU would not expose you to the credit history issues resulting from Card C. Hope that makes sense! Smiley Tongue
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