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Re: Does Walmart email you a link to credit decision?

Thanks guys, reason stated was something along the lines of credit score and then they listed things affecting my credit score, just listed bankruptcy. So, not entirely sure if it was just score related, or the bankruptcy from 2009. My TU was 600 according to Barclay's TU pull, so I'd assume it was the same when Walmart pulled. I have a year old collection for $121 (Not legitimate, resold by verizon after bankruptcy and re-aged) and an item included in bankruptcy that is still reporting as a collection despite being discharged. So, still working on that.

This was the link I received. Reference number was in the email, but, may have been the same as the one I got when applying, can't find it to verify.

Not sure if that link works just for me or would work for anyone.


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