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Re: suggestion in applying for 2nd CC ?

HI-ALL wrote:
hey jaytoo&haulingthescoreup
my FICO score is 710-740 from a free link in this forum.
I have got all 'A+' except in Age & Type of Credits category.
anyhow I will check it tomorrow from myFICO,that will b the perfect n accurate score as we all know.
so suggest me abt this score n abt my future cards and is this score accurate or not?

Sounds like the Score Estimator --that's not carved in stone, but it's very encouraging! I've always said that college students and others brand new to credit with no derogatories would start out somewhere around 700.

You don't have to wait for customer service to pull your scores --it's just as easy to do it yourself if you like. First go online and Google FICO coupon and FICO discount code to get at least 10% off (you can probably find higher), and then click on the Products tab at the top of this page. I think FICO Credit Complete is your best bet --it pulls all three scores (a one-time pull), and you get the score simulator for your EQ and TU scores, which predicts future score changes as you do different things. That's a bit more targeted to where you are than the estimator, but again, it's no guarantee of what will happen. At any rate, there will be a space to enter the discount code, I think toward the bottom of the second screen when you're ordering.

As to the best cards, you're in the same situation as other newcomers to the US, with the advantage of having some AU status. So I don't know if you can just proceed in selecting credit cards as if all your history were your own, or if creditors would treat things a bit differently since only one account is all yours, and it's very new. When you pull your new scores, I would try starting a new thread, listing your BofA plus the AU cards, what your three scores are, the fact that you're brand new with a very short but clean history, and ask for advice from there. Can't wait to see what you find out!
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