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Re: What causes the "app itch"?

To be honest, I really have never had an "itch".  Just app'd to see where my credit was. 


I wish I had found this site about 10 years ago, so I would have known better.  Honestly, if amex (I have to call them Sunday morning) offers me my account back or offers me the oasis, or anything.  I'll likely keep that card for life.  I'm so accustomed to paying cash for everything and flat-out refuse to pay interest, I personally have no reason to have credit cards other than for rental car purposes, which I rent often (the main reason why I got my orchard card, was tired of holds on my debit/checking).


So in short.  Once I get my stuff squared away. I'll app Amex for the backdating and call it a day(life).

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