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Re: Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!
Revolving credit Utilization is huge - 
Getting these CC's down under 30% and 10% utl will bump your score significant-
Having less than 50% of open TL's reporting a balance is worth another 20 points.
If I were to guess you could take a 20 point hit for the INQ's and new installment acct, however you would likely gain 50 to 80 points for reducing the UTL on the revolving.
If you need any help setting up MS Money

knowlejboy wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. I have Money, so I'll give that a try.
As for limits, they are
BOA - $23k
Discover - $10k
Chase - $3k
Amex - $13k
I also have several cards with zero balances:
MBNA - $17k limit
Cap One - $4k
Juniper - $10k
My Equifax credit report lists my debt to credit ratio for revolving accounts at 33%. It's 95% for my installment accounts (student loans and car payment). Should I take this to mean that moving debt from the "revolving" to "installment" category won't help my score?