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Re: Credit cards, consolidation, scoring--looking for help!

knowlejboy wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. I have Money, so I'll give that a try.
As for limits, they are
BOA - $23k
Discover - $10k
Chase - $3k
Amex - $13k
I also have several cards with zero balances:
MBNA - $17k limit
Cap One - $4k
Juniper - $10k
My Equifax credit report lists my debt to credit ratio for revolving accounts at 33%. It's 95% for my installment accounts (student loans and car payment). Should I take this to mean that moving debt from the "revolving" to "installment" category won't help my score?

Oh good, I saw this after I finished my post above. One bump you can get is to have fewer than half of you CCs reporting balances; so looks like 3 of 7. Perhaps get at least that Chase to zero balance. (htsu has posted several good examples of this with her scores, esp w/TU, and really getting hit with just one more reporting).
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