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Re: What's your highest Credit Card limit?
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American Express Blue Cash Everyday - 10,000. I wanted to see if I could get to 25,000 but the increase button seems to be broken Smiley Sad



Open123 wrote:

I've noticed they've become much more lenient with recent approvals and generous with initial CLs.  There were several who were applying with me at the same time, and the lowest CL offered was $18.5K.


So, I'm not sure what's going on.  I'll wager that if anyone has an AmEx revolver, Chase will approve with at least 20% over the AmEx CL.  They did that with our business accounts too.


They had no problem telling me they wanted me to move some credit from the Chase Freedom (3000) I have to be approved. Even then I would only get 5000 for the Sapphire Preferred. My history is young though so that could be it


jamesdwi wrote:


If they take credit cards they can take for the full purchase price, they just have to be motivated to do so. 


No don't expect any special treatment Car Dealerships HATE CASH,


My dad bought a car earlier this year, all cash purchase, you would think that this would make a smooth transaction, nope. Had to walk away 3 different times to get anywhere near decent deal seemed like the dealership didn't even care we were paying cash they did everything possible to not make the sell, Went to 2 other dealers and was treated the same or worse. 



I do not know how much the vehicle cost, but if a transaction involves more than 10,000 of cash then a business (or individual?) must submit a form 8300 to the Internal Revenue Service. It is a minor annoyance so that is probably another reason, besides the financing, that they did not want to take it.