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Re: Walmart CLIs?

LS2982 wrote:

bichonmom wrote:

Has anyone hit the luv button more than every 4 mos? Have you had any success in getting a CLI more often than every 4 mos? Also wondering if you've ever gotten a Discover offer from the luv button.


I am really anxious to PC my WM store card to Discover. My TU FICO is over 100 pts higher than when I got the card, mostly because a CA fell off. I should have just waited 2 mos., but I was anxious to get the monthly FICO. Smiley Embarassed


And a tiny bit of AMEX luv.................Smiley Very Happy


I want to know this info. too, I haven't been successful getting more than 1 in a 4 month span.

Actually, my TU FICO went up 100 pts after the CA fell off, but my EQ stayed about the same. My EQ went up about 100 pts when Amex reported, and my TU went up a few points at that time.



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