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Re: Walmart CLIs?

LS2982 wrote:

payingoffdebt001 wrote:

Was wondering, is low utilization and few inquiries important when requesting a CLI's with GE?  or just being a good customer and paying your bill on time is what counts? I ask because I am now using my cards and my other cards more and wont really be able to get them back down for a couple months.  I dont want to hit the luv botton if they do look at your full credit report to make a decision.  I mean I'm current on everything, just needing to use the other cards more these days and not PIF.

I think low util. is a biggie, INQ's not so big.

Yeah, what he said.


I've never been late with a payment...often pay more than minimum...but always carry a balance...some wayyyy to high...and I've NEVER had a CLI from any of my GE cards.

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