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Re: What's your highest Credit Card limit?

Chase United Mileage Plus $7000CL.


I've had it 24 hours and already been swiping it like crazy! I hope to push $2000 a month through it.

Transunion: 713 FICO (5/13/2014) MyFico
Experian: 789 FICO (4/10/12) Lender Pull
Equifax: 695 FICO (1/10/14) MyFico

My cards: Chase United Mileage Plus 7000CL (3/12), CITI Simplicity 1800CL (9/12), Cap1 Platinum 1000CL (2/10), Cap1 Cash back 1500CL (11/11), Apple Barclay's 2500CL (11/11), Discover IT 6000CL (5/13)

My Primary Financial Goal is to put down my utl%.