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Re: What's your highest Credit Card limit?

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I guess I couldn't really speak for every car dealer. I wonder if they would have offered a special deal either, why not just pass the savings off to you directly? I've seen a few used dealers put ads for allowing you to use your credit card, but most are shady dealers. I wonder what a chargeback would be like on that...



If they take credit cards they can take for the full purchase price, they just have to be motivated to do so. 


No don't expect any special treatment Car Dealerships HATE CASH, and they probably hate credit cards even more, sure they will do it to make the downpayment that gets them a better APR from lenders (but that only pads there bottom line), and safer than checks they don't want to let the mark (purchaser) off the lot without a car. They make a lot of money off financing of cars, they get 1-2% of the purchase price they don't even work very hard to get more. If they up your APR in the process they can make 2-3% more without a problem. If you use a credit card you are stealing there lunch, by cutting out the loan kickbacks and then making the dealership pay for the transaction fee of up to 3%. 


My dad bought a car earlier this year, all cash purchase, you would think that this would make a smooth transaction, nope. Had to walk away 3 different times to get anywhere near decent deal seemed like the dealership didn't even care we were paying cash they did everything possible to not make the sell, Went to 2 other dealers and was treated the same or worse. 



The last three cars I've bought were for cash (check).  It's true they don't like currency. Probably too often associated with some sort of money laundering. Try buying a house with currency. Not that you can't but you have to expect close scrutiny by associated LE, IRS.

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