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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

So glad I read this post..The 1-888-245-0625 number worked for me also. I have banked with Chase for 8 years and I am in the process of rebuilding credit.

Current TU=686,EQ=663. Have a Capitol One NH Rewards cl=$500 but needed another revolving credit account to help establish credit.

Applied online for chase freedom, got an alert for a hard pull on Equifax that day.

5 days later I received a denial due to collection accounts (3) on my report.

Called the number above and the lady told me that I had 3 recent collections (within 3 months).

I explained that these were all old medical collections over 5 years old and that I had recently disputed them.

She said she could only see "Date Reported" and not "Date Opened".

She said that she could not help until I cleared that up with Equifax.

Called Equifax several times but after failing to contact a human, I decided to call Chase back.

This time I explained to the guy that these were 5 year old medical collections unpaid by insurance and that I was in the process of disputing them.

I also explained that I was a Chase customer for 8 years, had checking, savings,investment and even a current auto loan account that I have never missed a payment on after being open for over 2 years.

He said "hold please"....after 2 minutes came back on and said that I was approved, cl of $3,000 and should receive my card within a week!

Thanks for the info!!!!