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Re: The offical Barclaycard Ring Thread

Approved with CL of $1500.  Kept my $1300 limit on the Apple card.  I have no problem with this in that it's my last card and going into Garden mode for the next few years.

I called in the app but that didn't make any difference since I could have done everything online much quicker.  Right after I hung up with her (she didn't tell me I was denied--just gave me the 30 day routine) I called the recon number. Answered the usual questions and was approved.

Got a lecture about them wanting to see some 6 - 12 month history on my Apple card before raising my limit (which I didn't ask for anyway).

I did preface my phone app by asking if they would have issue with an existing new card with them and they stated that they didn't (but I don't know how much a CSR would know about that).  I got the impression with her usage of the word "them" and "they" that Barclaycard utilizes a vendor to take their phone apps.

That's it.  I'm done! Wheww!

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