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Re: The offical Barclaycard Ring Thread
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Just read the whole thread. It seems like this would be a nice card to have as a backup.


How have people done who have other Barclay's cards? I read a couple of posts -- it seems like at least one person was declined because they had purchased a computer w/0% on Apple. I bought my iPad w/0% in November.


Also, wondering about how long you should have an existing Barclay's card before apping/being approved for this one. I believe I had read previously (not having to do w/the Ring) that Barclay's required at least 6 mos w/current Barclay's card before being approved for a new Barclay's card. That would also be consistent w/the talk on here about not getting ANY new CCs for at least 6 mos after getting Barclays to prevent AA from them.


Any thoughts? Any one get the Ring w/ a Barclay's under 6 mos old?


Thanks! Smiley Happy


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