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Re: The offical Barclaycard Ring Thread
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I got an Apple Barclaycard on 12/27/2011.  I prefaced my Ring app by calling customer service (their vendor who takes phone apps which I suspect isn't really Barclaycard) and asking if it mattered that I got a card 4 months ago.  They said it didn't. They apparently care about payment history and any high balances.


This was confirmed by doing a recon, getting a lecture saying they won't raise any limits on my existing Apple finance card (which I didn't care about anyway) until they'd seen 6-12 months of decent payment history.  While he gave me the slap on the hand he gave me the ring at a higher CL of $1500 compared to my existing Apple CL of $1300 on my Apple finance card.


I was pretty concerned about apping. I've read the horror stories.  I even apped a week ago for the Rewards card (and didn't recon out of fear) and have 4 new accounts since I apped for my Apple card and thought I was going to get axed for all my new lines of credit.  So far I haven't seen anyone denied (recon permitting) and the forum in the account seems pretty limited right now. I'd pretty much count on an initial denial if you're doing anything with credit though.  It's all in the recon.


It seems they want to circulate this card so it might be a good idea to app early in the game but I'm no expert analyst by any means.


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