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What to do when you think a poster is full of it... be blunt.


We have an interesting ongoing situation here where a very young poster continually mentions all the amazing cards he has very recently acquired. Others have posted indications that there is no way that this can be true, and that he has been "outed" elsewhere, plus mentioning older posts here that seem to contradict his story. While we are all still occasionally surprised by things that sometime happen in the world of credit, a few things do strain credulity. Yes, odd things do happen, but...


This is causing an enormous headache for the moderators. Believe it or not, misrepresentation is not a violation of the forums TOS, whereas personal attacks (perhaps by members exasperated beyond endurance) are. So we don't edit posts that appear to be fairy tales, but we do edit posts that involve flaming.


After a lot of discussion that has gone on for a long time, the moderators have decided to back off intervening on these particular threads, EXCEPT when there is a clear violation of the TOS. So "Yeah, right, now pull the other one" is perfectly acceptable (even though not necessarily friendly, supportive, etc.), but "You're a flaming liar and need to get out of your mama's basement" is not.


Meanwhile, if these posts are driving you nuts, all we can suggest is the favorite saying of second-grade teachers everywhere: "Ignore inappropriate behavior." If you don't believe what he posts, either don't read any of the threads, or post just once something on the order of "rolls eyes" and move along.


Thanks for your understanding in this rather perplexing situation.  --hauling


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