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Re: What to do when you think a poster is full of it...

Oh, and by the way, there have apparently been some suggestions made that certain posters have "protection" from some mod or another, who edits opposing posts. This is completely untrue. Please note what I wrote above about how some things aren't violations of the TOS, no matter how annoying they might be, but others are, and those others have to go.


On a personal note, I completely understand that all the members don't know what goes on among moderators (there are times that we barely know ourselves), but I find it very offensive that some believe that we play favorites and selectively work in a way that supposedly benefits these members. The posts that get edited or completely removed are the ones that are violations of the TOS, or that have taken a thread so far downhill or so completely off-track that they need to be dealt with.


We're human, and we each have posters that we enjoy more than others, but we have all had to occasionally edit or remove posts by members that we like while holding our noses and leaving up posts by others.

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