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Re: What to do when you think a poster is full of it...
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Another 2 cents and hopefully I'll be done with this.


I believe the forums have changed over the last year or so. We have a much younger crowd here, one that is used to other forums where this sort of thing (Lots of posting about getting wasted, flamewars, generally pointless posts) is the norm. It has pretty much worn me and the other mods out. --that sounds like a slam at younger posters, and that came out wrong. But these are posters for whom these are NOT the first forums, and they're bringing the style of other forums here, and they're not getting or caring that that's not how we roll.


Without naming names there are several prime examples of this behavior. Posters who think they are the guardians of all truth and who call out other members, but in fact, they have been in plenty of trouble for the same sort of thing. They won't accept that their style of challenging isn't allowed here, because as anyone can see from several recent locked threads, it simply escalates the whole mess.


No matter what decision is made by the mods concerning what should or shouldn't be done with a poster/thread/situation there will be probably half the readers who are unhappy about it. But I am forever grateful to Barry and the other admins of this site that they run a very tight ship.


If someone wants to be like "that other site" and post whatever with seemingly no restraints then be my guest. You'll be happier there and won't be missed here.