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Travelocity AMEX a gem of a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go for it

I applied for a travelocity amex in nov...instant decline ..called recon approved for $1000 after a review.( this one is the one with AF $39)


Get my $7500 bonus points= $100


Kept using the card heavily and pay in full every month. Fast forward to JAN 2012 called for CLI told them $1000 was not enough for a trip that was coming up.


A very generous lady listened to me and asked me how much i wanted , i said $5k , came back with $4500....i was delighted , only 2 months of use and a CLI.


Love barclays.


My points were already at 12,000 by then and in march made some bookings for my trips to europe maldives and India all through travelocity flights + hotels 


charged around $8000 had to book seperately as limit was not enough for one transaction. Got 40,000 posted in 2 days !!!!!!!!!


and a 20,000 bonus points for spending $4000 on travelocity.


On top of that got a $50 coupon from travelocity and a price match as one of my flights was cheaper on orbitz. Used their price match guarentee policy.


All in all i have had this card for 6 months and i have almost 75000 points almost close to $1500 worth.


This is probably the best travel card available on earth i would say. I dont understand why its listed among the top travel cards. Who gives you 10% back on your travel??

and if it isnt the best price for any flight or hotel they will price match and give you $50 back. travelocity CSR was very efficient and fast issuing the refund for the price match and points post in a couple days after it gets charged unlike other cards where it can take a billing cycle or month sometimes.


I would say $39 annual fee is completely worth it.


I would like to know from other members their experiences or what flaws this card has and if i am missing something. so far this card has proved gold to me i wont lie.