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Re: Wal-Mart credit card closed?

fedxboy wrote:

I think when you post your question they way you do, you utlimately confuse other readers.  Like myself for instance.....When you say, they just closed it out of the blue and I have no idea why.

I don't think readers should have to go back into your previous posts to perhaps decipher what really could of happened.  


In one instance, you wrote that you charged 145 of a 150 credit line with Walmart, but then you paid it in full.  Also, you mentioned you had a 30 day late with Walmart.

Another instance, you claimed Citifinancial has recently reported +90 day lates as of May 2012 with this happening 11 times -- according to a snipet of your credit profile you posted.


I understand you're rebuliding your credit and you've been successful in getting many collections removed and now "new" lates are appearing.  Regardless of how you handled 1 creditor in the past, other creditors take into account your whole credit portfolio and can close you down or increase your interest based on a universal default -- meaning -- if you mess up with 1 creditor, it can create a domino affect.


Goodluck on your continued journey of rebuilding!



Multiple late pays will definitely signal a creditor to pull the plug...particularly if one of those lates was with the creditor itself.

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