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Re: Wal-Mart credit card closed?

AutumnC74 wrote:
I have been accused of being confusing and now of being misleading which I can say I am not. I have no reason to withold truth from strangers. I have at this point spoken with FIVE people who state inactivity. I have not had a statement mailed to me since February so that was 90 days they went without making money off interest charges perhaps that is enough. I maxed it out on April 14 and paid in full May 3rd. In march, I used it and spent $70 and paid it off before statement was cut. Thanks for your support.

Its strange that you do not get statements mailed to you even saying you have $0 due, are there online statements? I would think that even when you use the card they pay in full you would have a statement genearated showing the purchase and the payment