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Re: Wal-Mart credit card closed?

AutumnC74 wrote:
I have been accused of being confusing and now of being misleading which I can say I am not. I have no reason to withold truth from strangers. I have at this point spoken with FIVE people who state inactivity. I have not had a statement mailed to me since February so that was 90 days they went without making money off interest charges perhaps that is enough. I maxed it out on April 14 and paid in full May 3rd. In march, I used it and spent $70 and paid it off before statement was cut. Thanks for your support.

I am not accusing you of being misleading. I just stated that maybe you did not tell us everything. When did you open this account? GE only does quarterly SP's. the inactivity they would be referring to would have probably occured IN THE PAST. Did you not use the card for a gap of time in the past? Many of us use Walmart and PIF. We are not getting AA and closed for inactivity. So I just made the leap that there was something different about your account than ours, something that you did not tell us (not intentionally leave out, or mislead us).


It still does not add up against how GE is treating the rest of us, so we are trying to figure out what they were seeing. If there is something others on this forum need to do differently to avoid what happened to you, then we need to try and figure out what triggered GE. I assume you want to help others avoid the same AA you experienced?

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