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Re: Wal-Mart credit card closed?

AutumnC74 wrote:
The letter I received stated that they closed my account due to my inactivity and my credit score on March 1st which was 602. weird but when I got it my score was 581 and had troubled credit but I said I would let the group know and that's what the letter said. The score they got was from TU. thanks....

Did you try this number: 866-611-1148 ?   It's the Walmart Discover division, they might be able to redirect you or help you more than the store number, still GE but might be better service.  They may be able to look up your account and allow you to tell them you last used the card less than 3 months ago and was shocked it was closed for inactivity as you've been told in the letter.  I am going to guess they might be better trained simply because they're under the division stamped with the Discover logo (essentially) and that actually means something.  If nothing else, they may be able to give you an address to write to with your concerns to escalate the issue to the right people.