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First Premier Card... avoid these bottom feeders!!
Who the heck are these idiots at First Premier anyway?

Needing to CONSIDER an extra credit card, I applied on-line for the First Premier VISA card and did not get an instant approval, but received a message saying they would email me with my app status.

A few days went by, and then First Premier verified my employment. Still, no word from them about my approval status... until I was SHOCKED to see it as a new line on my credit reports, and as luck would have it, my scores DROPPED because they only assigned a $250 trade line and they immediately posted a $175 balance for all their predatory fees and garbage.

I still haven't received the card, a welcome letter or even a statement and they had already plastered themselves on my credit files!

It gets worse...

I finally got through to a couple of real MORONS, and I use that word very carefully... MORONS in their customer service area and immediately closed the account. The MORONS then said "we can't report this account closed until the middle of August (30 days from today), nor will we remove the account from your credit files"... They both acted like "you're stuck with us for the next few years until this drops off"...


If I have to move Heaven and Earth, I am going to find the name and phone number to their CEO and have a personal conversation with him about their rather slimy business. And when I'm finished giving this guy a piece of my mind, he WILL remove his stain from my credit reports. I would encourage EVFERYONE to AVOID getting a First Premier card. They're just a half-step above dealing with street thugs and two-bit loan sharks in my opinion.