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Pulled the trigger, I am now a proud Centurion :)

I talked over the entire process with my investor and although I honestly don't travel enough to require this card for flight "bonuses" I do receive other perks that I was unaware of at first! So, after deliberating a bit back and forth I decided to have my IA apply for me and I was approved! :smileyhappy: A big step up from my ol' capital one venture card hahaha! Now I have to find a wallet to house this baby when it gets here... It would be funny to pull out fifty bucks wrapped around a rubber band with an amex black card tucked in it ;p

Fico as of 06/08/2012 - 742

Goal: 800 Club

In My Wallet: Amex Centurion, Chase Freedom, Capital One Venture (Long Story Haha)