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Re: Pulled the trigger, I am now a proud Centurion :)

MustangSaluki wrote:

Congratulations !


Sounds like you took a giant leap compared to your other cards Smiley Happy Did you receive an invite for the personal centurion? Is your AF waived?

Thank You! My IA (Investment accountant) recieved an invite for myself and then called me to ask me if i was interested... Thats when we started discussing it over and seeing if it was worth it... In the end it was for me.. I DO have to pay the annual fee however my IA said i don't have an initiation fee because that was one of my BIG things.. I was going to go through with it if i had an "initiation" fee like i was paying closing costs on a mortgage!.. I dont know if this is because they no longer do that or if they just didnt choose to charge me.,.

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