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Re: Pulled the trigger, I am now a proud Centurion :)

cashnocredit wrote:

sjt wrote:

Im not going to make any judgements on whether the OP really obtained a Centurion Card or not because I really dont know.


But my question is why would anyone lie on these boards. We are all here for one reason, which is to learn, share information, and get inspired , that will benefit us all in the credit world.


I dont get it.





Because they can and on the internet no one knows you're a dog.


That said, enjoy the thread for the entertainment value alone. It would be nice if some celeb would stop by and post how they got a "C" app and whether it came through their agent or, less likely IMO,  financial advisor. Most celebs have zero inclination to spend time at credit forums. Even if they have crappy credit (a lot of wealthy people have horrible credit) it's just something to delegate or better, have their agent/manager pay the bills and charge stuff.


At least in most cases.


The one person I know who got a personal centurion, not a business one, got it through their pr agent. Pr agent made call to someone in Amex. I do hear business centurion cards are going out. Business cent don't get those special offers often however.