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What are the benefits of having a charge card? Am I missing something?

I was just approved for an Amex Zync, which initially had me excited because I was finally "in" with Amex.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I wondered "how does a charge card really help me since I have to pay in full in each month?"  I know it is always sound advice to only buy what you can pay for with cash, but, then, why not just pay cash in the first place (other than online purchases or something like that)?  To me, the main benefit of credit cards is to have them for emergencies.  For instance, if my car broke down, and I couldn't afford the pay the repair bill in one lump sum, credit would be nice.  A charge card still would not solve the problem.  It would "buy some time", but I would still have to pay for the repair in a lump sum.


Is there something I am missing? I could also see it being nice for business use or for someone who travels for work and gets reimbursed upon expense report submittal, but, other than that, I am having hard time getting excited about my Zync now since I won't be using it for anything like that.