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college student seeking advice
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Thanks for everyone who shares experiences, and advice here. I've learned a lot. I've been lurking, but decided to register and I'd really appreciate some advice regarding how to proceed with my credit future.


I'm a 19 year old college student. I live on the east coast, and go to college in California. I'm looking to get a card that can help me with travel/rewards. Trying to get in early with AMEX as well as another prime company. My credit score via creditsesame was 723, and the myFico estimate was 715 - 765. Not sure where I can get a free official one without doing a hard inquiry.


I've had a Wells Fargo College Cash Back card for a year now. I always pay on time and more than the minimum, but I've mostly carried a balance. Should have been PIF, which I now do. I had a $500 CL, but got an increase to $1100. I work part time year round and make about $8,000.


My plan now is to try for AMEX Blue Sky/Chase Freedom, and if I get denied, then try for AMEX Zync/Citi Forward.


Is this a solid plan? Thank you!

AMEX SPG - $8k
Citi AA Visa - $6.5k
Walmart Discover - $5.5k
Citi Forward - $3.9k
Discover More - $2.5k
Wells Fargo Cash Back - $1.9k