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Re: college student seeking advice

The best advice? Forget about any kind of prime card like Blue sky or chase freedom. No matter your score you will be denied most likely so don't waste the inquiry.


Go for the AMEX Zync, and one student card of the Citi Forward or Discover More. Then 6 months later try for a second student card to round out your credit profile.


Don't apply for any more cards after that until you graduate. You will still take inquiries for cell phone plans, apartments, utilities maybe but otherwise garden credit card wise until you graduate and have a steady job. Then with a steady job plus the history of your cards you get now you will have a great credit score and be able to get prime travel rewards cards right then.


Rewards are nice, sure, but at this point in your life you should be best concerned with building a positive history so you can get prime rewards cards after you graduate. Above all never be late on a payment and build a positive history now so you are set up nicely later.

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