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Re: **bleep** CAP 1?
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rootpooty wrote:

what i dont understand is why you would bother with cap one when you are a member with nfcu and you can grow greatly with them and not cap one

Because there's only 2 tradelines for the OP according to her sig, and 3 is mo' better? Smiley Wink


This fact gets too often lost sometimes: there's more to FICO and financial life than CU's, even incredibly good ones like NFCU.


i agree however one can obtain many great tradelines without having to go with the frustration of cap one. many people do caue they arent fortunate like you or i or the op to be members of nfcu. i also agree in forms of building/rebuilding that 3 tradelines is best. i believe the op has 3 tradelines already

Yes i do have 3 CC at the moment as was really just looking for one more but your right this is to much hassle ill jsut stick with what i have and when the time comes to upgrade i Def wont be looking at Cap 1..

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