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Re: Pulled the trigger, I am now a proud Centurion :)

Crashem wrote:

Well I just talked to my ID and he told me he knew somebody who knew somebody who could get me this card. My ID has helped me pick 6 winners day trading recently. Who is my ID you ask? That's right I use my dog as my investment advisor and he is on FIRE. Now if I can stop him from licking himself all day, I'll get some more winners from him and a shiny new black card. Seriously though, never got why people bother making up stories. Hopefully OP isn't Edited and there is some useful info here. Fact is Amex was issuing cent cards to almost anyone for a while (and still are in certain countries) and got afraid of diluting their brand. Hence they got off the crack and issued to no one for a while. Will be interesting how they handle it from here, but I guess they are building the mystique up again.

You guys still haven't emailed my ID (Investment Dog).  BTW, he picked 10 more winning stocks in last two weeks and I am up like 34%.  My dog says he is open to taking on new clients. You just need to wire him your initial deposit of $100 and you will get a guaranteed CL of $100,000 in the form of a Centurion.  While most AMEX charge cards restrict cash advances, you can get cash advance of half your CL so at least $50k.  PM me for his gmail address.  (woops I might be getting mixed up with another thread).